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Sanctuary Nightclub Atlanta

The Sanctuary Nightclub is a well-established venue in Atlanta, boasting over 25 years of operation. As the longest-running Latin nightclub in the city, it prides itself on being an upscale yet ... Read more

Scheduling Software for Dance Studios

If you are looking for software to help manage your dance school, DSM (Dance Studio Manager) is a great choice because it makes it easy to book private lessons and schedule group classes. It also has ... Read more

It's May Now Be Okay to do the Electric Slide

According to Adam Rosen of Mental Floss: Many people are too embarrassed to admit they know how to do the Electric Slide, but Richard Silver is not one of them. Silver was a fixture of the New York disco scene, and he choreographed the Electric Slide in 1976. As the dance craze caught on, he was horrified to discover people doing just 18 of his 22-step routine. So he did what any self-righteous dance creator would do and spent years threatening to sue anyone who bungled his moves. He even made YouTube take down videos of people dancing the slide at their weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. But Silver never actually sued anyone. In 2007, a civil rights organization called his bluff and sued him on behalf of a man whose dance party clips had been removed from the internet. The incident convinced Silver to stop hounding amateur dancers.

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