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Les Twins coming to Dance 101

Brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois will be at Dance 101 on April 26th, 2014 from 3 to 6 PM (see Facebook Event Page ). They have one numerous awards, appeared in videos with with Beyonce, the ... Read more

Dance Studio Software

For Atlanta dance studios looking to get a little more organized, you might want to try Dance Studio Manager. It is a software product specially designed to run dance studios. The very ... Read more

Pasofino Dance Studio Review

My first experience there was their Tuesday night party. I arrived at 9 pm and they were just finishing up their classes. There appeared to be two classes going on in their big room. There were about 20 in the lower level class, and about 5 in the advanced class. Jose Maldanodo was teaching the beginners, and Lucy Liu was teaching the advanced. She was a pretty good leader. I couldn't tell if they were getting the steps, but they all seemed reasonably good. I'm told this class was the highest level apart from the performance team, which I have not had the opportunity of seeing. Most importantly, everyone seemed to be having fun.


The party lasts from 9 to 12 but I was there only until 10. I'm told it gets busier later in the night. It was easy to ask ladies to dance, and didn't get turned down once. I danced both with beginners and advanced ladies. They played probably 70% salsa and 30% bachata. I don't dance much bachata, but the people dancing were fun to watch and it was a nice break every so often. A little before I left they had sort of mixer where you danced for about 2 minutes, and then they told everyone to change partners. There were only about 4 changes. What was nice is there seemed to be a renewed energy level to the party once the mixer started. I would estimate there were not more than 50 people there, but the way the studio is layed out that made it seem pretty busy, yet because the main ballroom makes an L shape there was room to add more people, plus they have a second ballroom which they weren't using. It is not as large, but big enough to have a class of 20 or so in there.


So my first experience was good, and I will surely be back. Hats off to Jose and Lucy for creating a great studio. And they do allow people to rent the floor too for $12/hour. The sign says they offer ballroom, but I didn't see anything about that on their schedule. Overall, great place though, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun place to go Salsa. For more information check out the Pasofino website.


Oh, and I tried the Sandy Springs Diner in the same parking lot. They have a large menu and the food is pretty average (but not bad either). However, just North of there is a Publix shopping center with a few more options, and just a little farther North still is downtown Roswell with lots of great restaurants. One of those restaurants I've heard does Salsa on Sunday nights (Posti's), but I haven't checked it out yet, but will let you know soon.


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