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Sanctuary Nightclub Atlanta

The Sanctuary Nightclub is a well-established venue in Atlanta, boasting over 25 years of operation. As the longest-running Latin nightclub in the city, it prides itself on being an upscale yet ... Read more

Scheduling Software for Dance Studios

If you are looking for software to help manage your dance school, DSM (Dance Studio Manager) is a great choice because it makes it easy to book private lessons and schedule group classes. It also has ... Read more

What to Look For In Wedding Dance Lessons

Every wedding has a first dance, and it's seen as one of the most important parts of the ceremony. Unfortunately, we're not all naturally gifted. That's when it's time to find a good dance instructor, but you might wonder, what should I look for? Why should I find a dance instructor? What kind of instructor is right for me?

First, you should always look for an instructor who's been highly rated in more than a single place. People can buy advertising on one site that will sing their praises, but it's a dedicated teacher who's reviewed often by professionals and customers alike. If you can't find any one rated in your area, start calling studios and checking out websites. Do they already offer wedding dance lessons? How long has the studio been open? Do they teach just classical dance or something more modern and funky that will fit with your type of wedding? 
Now you've found a dance teacher, and you're wondering why take lessons at all. Your first dance will be the most photographed item of your wedding! You don't want to be a klutz on your special day! Not only is it important to look good, dance lessons can be a fun break with your partner before you get married. You can take an hour or two a week to just be together and learn something new, instead of worrying about bunting and seating arrangements.
The right instructor for you will be someone who shares your taste aesthetic. If you want a flashmob first wedding dance, you probably shouldn't hire a classical ballet instructor. Look around, and don't be afraid to ask questions before you hire, that way you can get the best value and fun for your money. Learning dancing will be something you two can do together for a long time after you wedding, so it's an investment in enjoying one another.

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