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Sanctuary Nightclub Atlanta

The Sanctuary Nightclub is a well-established venue in Atlanta, boasting over 25 years of operation. As the longest-running Latin nightclub in the city, it prides itself on being an upscale yet ... Read more

Scheduling Software for Dance Studios

If you are looking for software to help manage your dance school, DSM (Dance Studio Manager) is a great choice because it makes it easy to book private lessons and schedule group classes. It also has ... Read more

Dance Studio Software

Dance Studio Manager Menu

For Atlanta dance studios looking to get a little more organized, you might want to try Dance Studio Manager. It is a software product specially designed to run dance studios. The very first user of the product was Atlanta Dance in Marietta, but since then it has expanded to nearly 150 studios worldwide with users in the United States, but also places like Australia and New Zealand.


What the software does is track students, teachers, group classes, private lessons, payments, daily schedule, and much more. It also creates nice reports to help you find students that have dropped off, or measure teacher sales performance, and much more. If you want to try it, simply click on this link for a dance studio software free trial (for 30 days). If you are happy with software, you just have to pay our low monthly fee after the 30 days is over. Check us out!


We also can help you with Online Booking! Students can purchase group lessons, private lessons or simply view their account. This can be customized to fit your specific studio's needs.


If you sign up for the free trial, you'll also be able to contact us and discuss more details.



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