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Sanctuary Nightclub Atlanta

The Sanctuary Nightclub is a well-established venue in Atlanta, boasting over 25 years of operation. As the longest-running Latin nightclub in the city, it prides itself on being an upscale yet ... Read more

Scheduling Software for Dance Studios

If you are looking for software to help manage your dance school, DSM (Dance Studio Manager) is a great choice because it makes it easy to book private lessons and schedule group classes. It also has ... Read more

Nightclubs for Dancing in Atlanta

Toungue and Groove

Dancing every night--but for partner dancing, Salsa Wednesdays is the most popular ... Read more

57 Fighter Group Dance Events

Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba , merengue Sundays ... Read more

Sanctuary Nightclub

the oldest Salsa club in Atlanta, open on Friday and Saturday; tango two Sundays/month. ... Read more


large dance floor with dance lessons, dancing Wed-Sun and live music from top performers. ... Read more

Star Community Bar

Often features Rockabily acts and attracts swing dancers and also Disco with Romeo Cologne ... Read more


Composed of three unique and distinct ambience-specific structures: MB1, Ride and Rail ... Read more